Hi, I'm Yuwei Guo,  

a creative designer, graduating with

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Product Design, School of Art, Design and Media,

Nanyang Technological University, 2017.


       Caring and creativity are the driving forces behind my work.

It is the passion for life and people that lead my design.


          Through my study and work experiences,

I am very experienced in all phase of design including research,  concept development, brand strategy, design, execution, and visualisation.



I am confident to be proactive and responsive in

delivering highly creative work that would

achieve marketing objectives and business targets.


FYI, I am Singapore PR who lived in Singapore since 14 years old,

I love this dynamic country and great food here!



Interested in work with me? I'd love to hear from you.




Tel: +65 9050 5349 (SG)

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